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Fit Europe 2021

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25 juin 2021

From Lyon St Etienne, together with INSA Lyon, French Tech One has been co-producing FIT Europe with 6 other European academic and economic partners.

What does FIT Europe stand for and what are its goal and ambition? FIT Europe means “Future IT Leaders” for a multicultural, digital Europe.

The program’s objectives are to develop Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices to better train talents in line with the needs of the European economic stakeholders.

FIT Europe is a co-production of 4 seminars that focus on DeepTech technologies. It include Big Data (Seminar Organized in Passau, Germany in February 2021); Blockchain (Seminar Organized in Lyon, France, in June 2021), IOT (Seminar that will be organized in Milan in October 2021), Assistive Robots (Seminar that will be organized in Bucharest in February 2022).

We’ve just finished the Lyon Seminar, organized remotely from Lyon with INSA Lyon and we wanted to give you an overview of the great european experience we had over this five day seminar.

As an Introduction, we would like to thank our digital partner, Glowbl, laureate Scale Up Excellence, that provided the solution for the 20 students, professors, lecturers, experts, partners who participated in this 5 day Seminar: we received very good feedback from the students about this colloborative online solution that includes visioconference. Using this innovative tool offered a unique collaborative experience and made the students even get the chance to be beta testers of the latest version of the product: the promise to be “pionners” was then also offered thank to the tool chosen for this Seminar. 😉

The ambition to develop students tech and innovation skills was first and foremost ensured with the topic of the seminar: Blockchain.

We offered these 20 selected students* a real and deep dive into Blockchain *[5 students from INSA Lyon (France), 5 students from Unviersity of Passau, 5 students from the University of Milan (Italy) and 5 students from the Unviersity Politehnica of Bucharest (Romania)].

How did we proceed? Well, Insa and French Tech One offered a good mix and match of conferences, lectures and start-up projects to work on.

French Tech One, and especially the members of its Deep Tech Commission, identified four start-up that use the Blockchain Technology: Kresus and Equisafe, incubated at Hub612, iexec and AI Tenders

These four start-up use the technology blockchain or intend to use it, and gave the students some challenges they are facing to get the most of this technology into their products.

The students, clustered into four teams of five, had half a week to:

  1. get to know each member of it team, coming from four different countries
  2. overcome the main cultural difficulties that would occur during the week for this projet
  3. understand the product of the start-up they had to work on,
  4. understand the main challenges of blockchain applied to this product,
  5. develop an analysis and propose solutions to better integrate blockchain into the end product.
  6. all of the above, working remotely with glowbl… 😅

Not an easy task!

I got the chance to attend one and a half day of the seminar, and especially the final day with the outcome of the week and the presentations of the four teams.

I have been extremely impressed by the professionalism, technical knowledge, and understanding of the impact of blockchain the student presented.

The presentations were above expectations for all the members of the jury and gave them all 5 stars!

The students presented their work to each start-up, that are now in possession of high end materials to get the most out of blockchain into their product.

Overall, this seminar offered great state of art and prospectives about this technology and its socio-economic and cultural impact to all participants. We managed to work as an international team to better understand the potential and stake of blockchain. I personally have been extremely pleased about this experience, that managed to create bounds and good foundation for the European Tech!

To read more about Fit Europe and its partners [FR] :

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